Ultrabook vs Macbook Air- Which is better?

Ultrabook vs Macbook Air- Which is better?

Ultrabook vs Macbook Air

Both, Macbooks and ultrabooks are known for its portability, power and self-assurance kind of performance. But, it is a never ending debate- which one would be better to buy? Apple fans would recommend buying from Cupertino retailers but the people who are adapted to Windows since the very beginning would find Apple to be a complicated device to operate. Let me tell you both of them work on the Intel CoreTM Processor; the only thing that distinguishes them is the features that are available with them.

Keyboard & Trackpad Features

It is quiet difficult to judge which laptop has a better keyboard functionality. The layout of both laptops’ keyboard is quite different from each other. When we talk about trackpads Ultrabooks gives efficient clicking facilities while, Macbooks gives more efficient and smooth scrolling.

Most ultrabooks provide different and multi-colored layout; Lenovo Y50-70 priced at Rs. 70,000 is an excellent example of this.

Screens & Display

The “Hot off the Press” Mackbook Air is available in 13” and 11” display sizes. While the 13” accelerates a reduced glare display with 1400 x 900 pixels TN panel display, the11 inch provides 1366 x 768 TN panel, which is actually considered as obsolete in today’s standards. Most of the Ultrabooks provide high density IPS Panel display even on touchscreen.

Hardware & Software and it’s performances

The latest Macbook air is motorized with Intel Core i5 and i7 processors; ultrabooks too support these. They also support Intel Core i3 processors. MacBook Air provides high frequency processors with a pack of Intel HD 6000 graphics and also 5500 graphics. But, RAM is limited in every MacBook; you get up to 8 GB RAM in Macbook. On the other hand Ultrabooks are powered with 12GB RAM; sometimes 16GB RAM is also available for ultrabooks. Ultrabooks run on Windows OSwhile MacBooks run on Mac OS.

Battery Life

The MacBook Air 13 provides you the 13 hours real time battery backup while you get close to 9 hours with MacBook Air 11. But, in Ultrabooks they promise to provide battery for 15+ hours but hardly provide 10 hours of battery life.