Apple Ipad With Multitasking Feature

Apple Ipad With Multitasking Feature

Apple Ipad

Apple is looking forward to make the business usage more productive adding multitasking feature to the ipads thus Apple ipad with multitasking feature permits ipad users to run two different apps side-by-side. This type of feature is something Microsoft has previously used to target the iPad in its advertisements, which highlighted its own Surface tablet as something that’s better for those doing “real work” on its laptop cum tablet computer. Apple is getting multitasking feature to the iPad with the forthcoming release of iOS 9 — giving users the capability to use application side-by-side on the screen. Thus, these iOS devices become more intelligent and proactive with powerful search and improved Siri features — all without compromising users’ privacy.

Normally users can use only one application at a time on an iPad screen, the different multitasking function in the iPad Air 2 will allow them to create a multi-screen of two application side-by-side, called “Multi View”, that are capable to use both at the similar time. Additional feature, called “Slide Over”, allows users to changeover to the second application from the side without closing the first application. Users can also create a picture within a picture, such as watching something on ESPN in a one screen while looking at something on a web browser in other screen.

These kind of multi-window features has been previously available in some opposing tablets, but in Apple’s tablets it comes for the first time. Multi-View will be available only in the iPad Air 2. Slide Over and picture-in-picture will be available for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and iPadMini 3. Thischanges could help in increasing demand for the iPad.

Apple also announced the new feature for iOS9 which includes a new keyboard that becomes a track pad which will in turn control the cursor.