Apple Music A new hurdle to the streaming competition

Apple Music A new hurdle to the streaming competition


Apple has made revolutionary attempts in the world of technologies starting with introduction of Macintosh in 1984. Today, they are the pioneers in leading innovative technologies like iPad, iPhone,etc.

Apple® on 8Th of June 2015 unveiled its all new exciting app The Apple MusicTM. It is a complete combination of music- and other services that you already would have noticed in Spotify, Pandora,iTunes, Soundcloud, etc. along with a new radio streaming option named Beats 1. Now, you can stream music on the go with the help of this app and the trust of Apple®. This app also provides services like social elements like Instagram, Tumblr, etc.


Beats 1, is dedicated to music and its culture and the live radio streaming service will be available across 100 countries of the world. Beats 1, has been influenced by some of the world’s finest Radio DJs that is, Zane Lowe in Los Angeles, Ebro Daren in New York and Julie Adenuga in London. Listeners will be able to enjoy the ongoing current hit music of the world, some live talk shows, exclusive interviews and guest hosts. Beats headquarters is located in Culver city, California.


Artists and their fans will be smarter, and will be able to stay connected with Apple music directly using their connect feature. Now, you can connect with artists and can get back-stage photos, videos and lyrics. Even, release the songs online from their iPhones to their fans. Fans can comment on or like anything posted by your favorite artist and can share via messages, facebook, twitter and email.


 The app would make its debut on 30Th June. Music streamers from around the world are invited to enjoy first 3 months free membership, after which charge would be of $9.99/month. A family plan provides this service for $14.99/Month for six members.

It would require initial sign-up after completion of free subscription. For those, having family plan would require iCloud for family sharing. It will be available on your iPhone, iPod Touch,Mac and PC from 30Th June 2015. It will be soon available on Apple TV and android mobiles later.