iPad Mini 3 – Sneak–Peek Of The New Upgrade

iPad Mini 3 – Sneak–Peek Of The New Upgrade

iPad Mini 3

ipad mini 3 comes with some amazing features and is fully upgraded. But only id adds is just an element of security to the mini 3.It is also be used to pay for in app purchases  with apple pay.


The ipad mini 3 is an amazing gadget. It has a stunning 7.9- inch retina display, an incredibly powerful A7 chip is stored and consist of wireless technology and Touch ID. Still it’s thin and light to handle. Both the front and back side of the tab is equally impressive.


ipad mini 3 sports two great cameras which helps you  take amazing photos and videos  and make crisp, clear face time calls. And these days you can do many things with new iOS 8 features like panorama and time lapse videos.

Power and Battery

There is inbuilt 23.8 watt hour rechargeable lithium polymer battery which has capacity till 10 hrs of surfing the web on wifi , watching video or listening to music while charging via power adopter or USB to computer system.


IOS8   makes ipad more efficient than ever. It is basically designed to look more beautiful and work glitch-free ,so even the simplest things seem more engaging . IOS8 is fixed to take full advantage of the powerful a7 chip, ultra-fast wireless and brilliant retina display of ipad mini 3.


ipad mini 3 is a perfectly good tablet – except it does very little more compared with the ipad mini 2.

There is only one question which arises; is touchID and large storage, enough for upgrade from its predecessor…? Not much of an upgrade if you take my word for it.