iOS 9 Arriving at the end of the year

iOS 9 Arriving at the end of the year

iOS 9

Apple has just announced the arrival of its all new OS- the iOS 9. With the latest version in mobile platform, Apple is focusing to come up with a new, smart and a more powerful version of operating system to boost the performance as well as the user interface. The more you use the iOS 9 the more you’ll appreciate the boon of it to your life and you’ll surely imagine what would have been your life without it?

The powerful in-built apps designed for essential things that you need in your day to day life. Apps like mail, messages, web browsing, maps, making notes and many more. iOS 9 key enhances all of these apps of yours and brand new update that will change your views and experience of your news.



iOS9 adds a new app on your home screen- news. News collects all the stories that you are interested in reading, so no need to run down from App-to-App to stay updated, you will get everything under one roof. News will bring you beautiful layouts and typography of the print screen. A wide range of interactive and engaging stories, with exclusive photos and videos of the trending news all around will be locked to your app. It will be available on both iPad as well as iPhone.


Presenting the all new App of Notes with a noteworthy and joyus feeling! You can update each and every notes directly on iCloud. You can add a photo, map or URL to your note; you can even draw sketch with your finger. Do you face issues remembering where you have stored the notes? Don’t worry! We have a solution for it; the attachments browser organizes all the items attached in a single and simple view format.


There is something new in the app of maps. Now, you can use public transport with maps as your guide. In some selected cities the transit views shows lines and stations on the map itself. If you plan a route from A to B and the nearby feature enable you to see what’s around you and nearby available shops (All kind).


With key feature of Apple Pay you may now make purchases with your discover cards or store credit cards. You can even add some reward cards like Dunkin Donuts to your Wallet, receive and redeem to Apple Pay. And now, with just a double-click of your home button when your iPhone is locked to access the wallet.


Does your car support a wireless connection to iPhone? Well, then here’s some good news for you!  You can use a car play without plugging in. With an audio message technology you can hear the messages from the people in their own voices. It also supports all the apps developed by the manufacturer so no need to worry about it; you can now use all your cars features easily.

Wait! The iOS 9 has lot more new productivity and efficiency in your iPad which will almost double up your excitement. With the all new iOS 9 you are now enabled to enjoy the variety luxury of multi-tasking. So, now use your wide screen for the task you want.

Slide over feature helps you open and enjoy the second app without leaving the current app which is in your use. So, quickly browse the web, respond to your messages or make notes. Slide that off and use what you were using before.

Split view exclusively on your iPad Air 2 enables you to use two apps at a time. So, everything you need will be right in front of you.

Picture in picture, is beautiful function added to your iPad. If you tap to open a second app your videos still continue to play at a corner of your display. So, you can give reply to your e-mails while enjoying your favorite TV programme.

QuickType shapes up your experience in no time with all new shortcut bars, editing tools and handy new tool with multi-touch gestures. If you are using wireless keyboard with your iPad you can enjoy more shortcut options.

Your digital assistant Siri has now become more matured and accurate will help you deliver all your commands quickly and undoubtedly in a better manner. Even it may give you suggestions before you ask on its panel. Based on the apps you use on regular basis you may get intelligent suggestion even before you ask.

I hope you will enjoy the amazingly new operating system from APPLE. It promises to increase your battery life by an hour; you’ll require 1.3 GB of free space in your device to enjoy the update of this, atleast it is less than what you required in iOS 8; Faster, better and responsive CPU and GPU to make your experience unleashing.

Even better! Now it’s easy to move from Android to iOS wirelessly. Just download the move to iOS app it will securely transfer your contacts, messages, etc. to your apple device. And don’t worry about the paid apps; it will be secure fully added to your iTunes wish list.