Razer Blade 2015- A Gaming Wonder!!!

Razer Blade 2015- A Gaming Wonder!!!

Razer Blade 2015

If you are looking for a high-end gaming laptop which won’t come in way with easy mobility, your search might have just come to end. Razer has earned its own place in the laptop market with their sleek and slim body design packed with powerful processor for a great gaming experience. It always gets tricky to create a perfect laptop for gaming purpose as there has to be some compromise made in the style department or the performance. Razer Blade 2015 is just the right blend of all the aspects to give you the best in all departments.


Similar to the Razer Blade 2014, their latest release too comes in a matte-black finish aluminum chassis. The green triple-snake logo gives the laptop a unique look, and it definitely catches eyeballs. The device is slim at 0.7 inches and weighs a meager 2kgs. Considering the performance this laptop provides this is the lightest and slimmest device on market presently.

The overall black-green theme of the laptop gives it a fresh and attractive look. The extension of this theme to the keyboard makes the package a must have, if you are looking for some off-look device. The keyboard is very much functional too. The keys are placed well and the response time is very quick which makes the keyboard a pleasure to work with. The keys are slim enough and it complements the slim design of the device. And the green back lit keyboard looks gorgeous in its own way.



Razer introduced the QHD+ display in its Blade 2014 version and has retained the same for the latest model. With a resolution of 3200×1800, you will enjoy every frame on the display to the maximum. The QHD+ display is a touchscreen, but you can opt for the alternative non-touch HD IPS display as your needs. The display gives you clear projection of images and great detail in colour depth and contrast. Not only do you get a wonderful gaming experience but it also gives good results for high-definition movies.


Gaming Performance

Razer Blade 2015 comes with a 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor. The laptop with its slim body deceives you at first. It packs in much more power than you expect from a light weight device. 16 GB of RAM gives you a seamless performance while working on different windows.

The Razer Blade is equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M, which comes with 3GB VRAM. This is Nvidia’s second most powerful mobile graphics card. You get an average 40 fps at the maximum resolution (3200×1800). But if you tone down the resolution to 1080p the Blade delivers around an impressive 128 fps. This basically means you can run all the latest games with almost no glitches and it performs as good as any other laptop in the thin-and-light category. The Blade sports a 256GB SSD which gives you a remarkable 182MBps file transfer rate. This device certainly performs as you would want a good gaming laptop to.

Razer Blade is definitely one laptop every gaming enthusiast should consider. High-end performance along with a thin-and-light body makes this device very appealing. The unique black-green colour theme gives it a very smart look.