Coming Soon: YouTube Gaming a Feast for WizKids’

Coming Soon: YouTube Gaming a Feast for WizKids’

YouTube Gaming

YouTube has been facing real-time “strugglesome” rivalries since ages. But, right now it’s launching something new to grab attention of the WizKid gamers’. Yes, YouTube is launching YouTube Gaming. The site and standalone app will be launched firstly in countries like United States and United Kingdom.

Sites, like are already providing these services are a sheer tough competition to them. This is a good sign of healthy rivalry as well as it’s a curse to the parent companies. Although, YouTube so far has been successful in keeping its promises to its brand loyalty customers. Even, many sites like Vimeo, Netflix, Huhu have been giving tough time to YouTube.

Today’s gaming world has quite changed as what it used to be in early times, also the communities have made the gaming world with different formats and creativity, and they made them more collaborative and interactive. YouTube gaming promises to bring 25,000 game videos and each game will have its own separate page, wherein you can subscribe and get updates of all the new videos of your favorite games.

It has been observed that live streams always bring communites together, thus YouTube has full-proof plan of bringing live community streaming of your favorite game  right in front of your homepage of YouTube Gaming.

YouTube gaming will be available in Mid-summer, you can tune in live from,