Intels Liama Mountain – Amazing Laptab

Intels Liama Mountain – Amazing Laptab

Intels Liama Laptab

The buzz is regarding the advent of a computer 2015 based on the advent of Intels Liama Mountain core M architecture. It will come with a wafer-thin fan-less device in the latter part of 2015

LIama Mountain is incredibly light to handle. The engineers at Intel specified the LIama mountain weight to be less than 800 grams after getting hands-on experience the weight seems to be around 750 grams, and the thickness was about 7.5mm.

LIama mountain is 12.5 inch laptab .The connection between the tablet and keyboard is magnetic hence there is no hinge .The tablet can be inclined at 65 degree from the keypad. Docking and undocking is simply flawless with this laptab.

LIama tablet has a display of 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution IPS panel and the viewing angles were accordingly pretty good. Intel has also designed a speaker unit so the tablet can dock into – although we didn’t get to try out the particular mechanism.

What we can inform u is that as well as providing a surround sound effect, the dock has a fan which enables Intel’s “adaptive performance” features which essentially allows the tablet to over clock at up to 40 percent more power. So it allows the device to handle a heavier load for example gaming.

It runs on windows 8.1 pro on the low power consuming broad well core M architecture.