Microsoft Surface Hub – 84 inch

Microsoft Surface Hub – 84 inch


Microsoft surface hub range of touchscreen launches computers which is getting a whole lot bigger. It is an all-in-one system built for bringing OneNote, Skype for business, office and universal windows apps into the conference room, it helps in communication and collaboration at workplace as it is single integrated device.

Surface Hub is an impressive piece of hardware in its own right. It is a giant touch screen PC designed for conference rooms and other collaborative workspaces. They’re built around using one note for digital white boarding and include dual 1080 p Cameras for video conferencing using the built in skype for business.

These are the two major applications which run on a special version of windows 10 so that we can have access to universal windows Apps. The operating system also includes customizations to help white boarding and same tasks. With one button, a screenshot of an app can be put into OneNote so that it can later be annotated and shared. The OneNote data from a meeting is saved automatically and shared with meeting attendees, putting an end to the days of whiteboards covered in notes and “please leave” scrawled in one corner.

There are two versions of Surface Hub .The big one is of an 84-inch 120Hz 3840 x 2160 screen and packs in a 4th generation intel core i7 CPU (the exact model is unspecified), paired with Nvidia Quadro K2200 graphics. The smaller system consist a 55-inch 120Hz 1920×1080 screen and uses a Core i5 (again unspecified) and incorporated graphics. Both screens support 100-point multitouch with active pen input. Both also have a 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4, and NFC.

It not only replaces the whiteboard and the video conferencing system but it also replaces the projector too. Both devices work as Miracast receiver and also have both inputs HDMI and VGA which is used to put their picture into a window.

Microsoft envisage Surface Hubs being used in a range of semi-formal meeting places wherever teams may want to share ideas and work around a single (large) screen.

Microsoft Devices also says that “Just as the PC revolutionized productivity for individuals, Surface Hub will transform the way groups of people work together.”