Facebook’s Moneypenny: A Humanized Digital Assistant

Facebook’s Moneypenny: A Humanized Digital Assistant

Facebook's Moneypenny

For long you have been dealing with digital assistants while using apps. Facebook is planning to change this scenario with Moneypenny. This new app is going to bring to the virtual world, the traditional concierge system. Magic, earlier on, used to connect users to trained operators through text messages to order anything ranging from takeaway to flights.

As of now, nothing more than the purpose of the app is known to the world. The app is being tested internally so that it can be released without any issues to the real world. No news regarding the release date or other launch related details are known as of now.

Very recently, Facebook messenger had added a payment service and video calling as add-on functionality. With this app, it will take virtual world a step ahead for the users.

Once Facebook is ready to announce the app, we will know more on this. But, we would surely love to know what are your ideas on a humanized assistant in the virtual world.