The Incredible Features of Windows 10

The Incredible Features of Windows 10



Windows 10 has arrived, and has brought with it a mixed bag of features that you are going to love. For a while now, the developer community has been awaiting the arrival of this new platform, which will change the dynamics for the operating system completely. With this new upgrade, you get to enjoy certain features and functions that would make you smarter and more digital. Let’s have a quick look at what’s new?

Cortana: Your Personal Digital Assistant

If you don’t want to keep swiping through the different icons on your phone, then you just need to use Cortana. This digital assistant will keep getting you in and out of the different functions; in fact, this assistant of yours will also keep note of your schedule and your calendar.

Universal Windows Platform

This is what will finally provide an excellent user experience. In the past, the OS kernels and core were different for the different devices working on Windows.  But, with OS 10, the different devices will belong to the same kernel, a single hardware connecting them all. This support will be further extended to the future technologies being built on this platform. Even the software will be consolidated for Windows 10. A layer of APIs will be made available across platforms that operate on Windows 10. You can use platform specific APIs to differentiate the apps for the different platforms.

The New Browser

The Windows 10 platform has come with a new browser that is going to give Chrome and other existing platforms a run for their money.  This browser has been specifically loaded for the social sharing purposes. Reading and sharing is made easy with this new browser.

Start Menu

You can pin the start menu to its full size, or keep the size minimal, the choice is altogether yours. You can pin live tiles on the start menu, each tile differing in its sizes. The search box has been well outfitted for the new start menu. The start menu appears in a similar fashion for all the devices powered with Windows 10.

The holograms feature is included in Windows 10 with a futuristic perspective. It is interesting to note that Windows 10 walked in with pomp. Let’s see how the future of this platform is.