Lenovo Releases Two New Thinkpads

Lenovo Releases Two New Thinkpads

Lenovo Thinkpads

Last week, Intel announced the launch of its new age processors- the Xeon processors that have been built on the Skylake core. Using this new gen processor, Lenovo has created powerhouses. Two new versions of the Thinkpads P50 and P70 powered by this new processor will function like monsters in the world of laptops.

P70: The Features

This 17″ laptop weighs 7.6 lbs. It is powered with the Xeon E3-1500M v5 processor and is supported with the NVIDIA graphic card. It is coupled with a 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM. There are a total of four storage devices for this thinkpad: the 2TB spinning disk, the 1TB PCle SSD, the Rewritable DVD and the 512 GB SSD. Along with the regular USB3, HDMI, mini display port and ethernet port connectivity options, this laptop also offers two thunderbolt 3 ports which is majorly for high speed connectivity along with the expresscard slot and an optional smart card reader. There is the X-Rite Pantone color sensor along the place where the keyboard is placed which offers colour calibration. There is an option of touch screen available with this laptop. The pricing for this laptop is $1,999

P50: The Features

P50 is very similar to P70 except that it is 15.6″ in size. The laptop weighs 5.6 lbs. There is no optical drive option in this version of the laptop and the thunderbolt available with this laptop is down to one for this version. The pricing for this laptop is $1,599

These are essentially revolutionary for the laptop gen with next gen processors. So move with speed.Share your views on this laptop