Apple to Launch New iMac with 21.5″ Screen

Apple to Launch New iMac with 21.5″ Screen

New iMac with 21.5

After having successfully launched the iPad Pro with a 12.5″ screen, Apple is all set to target the desktop arena. It is rumoured that Apple is planning to launch new iMac with 21.5″ screen, thus bringing a revolution in the desktop segment. For long, iMacs have been popular in the PC segment, and with this 4K resolution PC, Apple is certainly going to beat others hands down. Last year October, Apple had released the 5K resolution, 27″ iMac, and this year it is planning yet another resolution release.

It is speculated that the new iMac will have Intel Broadwell Chipset accompanied by an improved graphics card. Of course, it will not look any different than the other iMacs that have been released earlier. Apple is also working on Magic Mouse 2, which might release with this iMac.

According to this report, the iMac will begin sale starting 13th October, immediately after release.