5 Best Smartphones Under 15k

5 Best Smartphones Under 15k

under 15k smartphones

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a smartphone that comes with all the necessary features. These days you can get good phones, with all the latest features much below INR 15000. In fact, some of the brands in this under 15k segment, have started competing with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S series and iPhones. So, if you have a limited budget, but want a good phone, then you can get it. Here’s a list of all the good smartphones that fall in the under 15k.

Asus Zenfone 2

Asus Zenfone was a hit in the mid budget segment because of its classic features and reasonable pricing. It is a highly capable  smartphone with internal memory of 4GB. Priced at INR 14,999, this is the fastest selling Android phone. It has a good build and stable performance. It sports a 5.5” screen and has a 13 MP rear camera. All the features are considerably good for a mid range phone.

Xiaomi Mi 4i The Xiaomi phones are known for a good performance and stable build. It comes with a brilliant design and form factor. The best part of this phone is the long lasting battery life. At INR 12,999 it is not really a bad buy.

Meizu M2 Note Following the popularity of Meizu M1 Note, the Chinese makers released the M2 Note. It is priced at INR 11,490. It sports a 5.5” screen and a good battery life. It is powered by a MediaTek Octa-core processor. It is well designed, and comes with a good camera.

Lenovo K3 Note It is one of the best smart devices launched by Lenovo in India. It comes with a smooth interface, and offers a classic user experience. The solid performance with gaming delights is what makes this device likeable. It is priced at 12k in India, and is certainly a good buy at that price.

Moto G (3rd Gen) Motorola phones are known for their sturdy build and steady performance. Moto G is definitely a good buy in the below 15k range. Good build, and killer performance combine to make this phone an excellent choice in this segment. It offers an average camera, but that’s fine, because you get other excellent features with this phone.

So, if your budget is just below 15k, then you can very well purchase one of these five phones. So, what’s your choice?