MacBook Pro With Touch Bar

MacBook Pro With Touch Bar


Apple’s MacBook Pro is one of the most iconic laptops ever made.

Now Apple’s flagship laptop has received one of its most fundamental changes with the launch of the all-new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

This fully updated and refreshed device is Apple’s first shot at bringing multi-touch technology to its Macintosh line up.

Unlike traditional buttons, the Touch Bar adapts and changes to the application you are using on the display.

The new MacBook Pro comes in 3 models: 2 13-inch models and a 15-inch. They all have thinner bodies, better screens, and track-pads. The important addition is the Touch Bar. This capacitive strip of OLED glass above the keyboard is supposed to change everything, again, about how you use your laptop.


Everyone is talking about this Touch Bar feature and it deserves all the attention it’s currently receiving.

Apple has decided to think outside of the boundary with its new laptop and not follow the trend of touchscreens that are now appearing on most of its Windows-powered competitors.

Instead of tapping the display, Apple has included its radical new Touch Bar, which is on the top of the keyboard – replacing the standard function keys.

Because the bar is, actually a clever Retina display it’s able to change its appearance depending on what applications you’re using on the screen.

For example, draft a message in Mail and you’ll get the option to send it to the recipient with a quick tap on the bar. Write a letter in Pages and you’ll get instant access to formatting options – or switch to Messages and you’ll get every emoji you could ever wish for just one tap away.

Possibly the best experience with the new Touch Bar is when you begin using it for photo or video editing. Scrolling through content and modifying it with the power of your finger feels incredible and a lot of fun to use.

There is also a reason to be excited about this new addition. Hidden to the right of the bar is a TOUCH ID fingerprint scanner, which unlocks your Mac and allows you to go internet shopping with Apple Pay. It is a useful feature and you never have to drive in your credit cards details again.

The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is, without doubt, a fabulous laptop. It looks stunning, its lightning fast, powerful and, with its slimmed down design, is now much more portable. Stunning Display, Touch Bar Brings a New Experience and Will Only Get Better, Awesome Force Touch Track-pad is Market Leading.