Apple iOS 10.3 Coming Soon, It’s A Big One

Apple iOS 10.3 Coming Soon, It’s A Big One


According to the latest news Apple is set to release the iOS 10.3 Beta on January 10 with an addition of a new mode called the ‘Theatre mode’. Apple is becoming more productive with its beta releases for the iOS and macOS. Reports are already beginning to surface to what the new iOS 10.3 will bring when the first beta ships.

The release date is not the only thing Dickinson has brought forward today. He has also claimed that the new software will offer a ‘Theatre mode’. It will feature a new availability option via a button within the Control Centre.

The button is described by Dickinson to be shaped like popcorn to describe the feature itself more vividly. As the name suggests the new mode will offer features such as reduced screen lighting, less notifications and maybe even a Night Shift, which would change the colour of the screen to enhance the movie experience.

The assumption is it will be a one-button option to both dim the screen and mute audio and notifications thereby making a device acceptable for use in the theatre.

iOS 10.3 looks set to continue Apple’s pattern of using major point releases for new features and minor point releases  for bug and security fixes. However, for growing number users, there is likely to be more widespread interest in iOS 10.2.1 than iOS 10.3.