Clash of Kings – Fastest Growing and Very Successful Mobile Game

Clash of Kings – Fastest Growing and Very Successful Mobile Game


Clash of Kings” has dominated Google Play and App Store with more than 70 million. Clash of Kings was in the top 5 highest grossing Android games in theUnitedStates, UnitedKingdom, NewZealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Germany and 70 other countries.

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Clash of kings build a powerful empire and widen your borders. Build castles and improves them. Defend from enemies and capture enemy territories. Become the greatest captain of the fantasy world of this Android game. Create an army of infantry, archers, cavalry and other warriors. Build a variety of structures and fortify your castle. Gather a variety of resources. Research new technology that you need to improve your army. Enter into alliances and participate in battles against other players.

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The game is surprisingly well balanced between attacks and defense efforts and the time for leveling up, etc., especially for newbies. It is a game which combines different genres of action, fantasy and strategy with bird’s-eye view of castles and battlefields that make it very addicting. It’s one of the most balanced mobile games I have ever seen.

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Players can play with their friends and crush their enemies in wars together even if they all using different platforms. Moreover the PC version is especially developed for those people who want to play the game with their Facebook friends. Wish to become the top most players in the game make people play the game for a long time.

Wars are the best part of the game. Players can prove their skills and strategies in wars. Chat contributes a great part to its popularity. Everyone loves this feature of the game. Many play the game only for chatting, especially girls.

The extra dimension to the game is that you can create or join alliances. Being part of an alliance has its benefits especially to help each other’s win wars. By this way people around the world play this game and the game is becoming famous.

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