The Google App May Add Keyboard Support to Google Assistant

The Google App May Add Keyboard Support to Google Assistant


The Google app may soon add keyboard support to Google Assistant. As it currently stands Google Assistant outside of the Allo application requires voice interaction whereas Google Assistant inside of Allo lets the user type commands, queries and more and Google Assistant will respond back accordingly. The latest version of the Google App Beta contains details that suggest Google may be looking to introduce keyboard support for the Google Assistant core feature so that users can type everything out to interact with it instead of having to speak. While there is no clear indication right now of when Google might introduce this function a new keyboard icon found within the APK for the Google app beta version 6.1 for the Google Assistant popup points to a possibly near future inclusion of an ability to type interactions. This ability might make using Google Assistant more commonplace for those who don’t care to speak to the digital assistant.

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Google Assistant for Android Wear might be on the way as strings of code found in the latest beta APK make references to the Google Assistant settings screen on Android Wear. Google Assistant on Android Wear has been speculated on before but this suggests Google is continuing to work on it and with Android Wear 2.0’s launch having been pushed back to 2017 instead of launching last year it’s possible that it could be ready in time for the new version of the software.

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Since the Google app is also for Search and not just an interface for getting access to your personalized Google Now-related content it makes sense that Google might want to make it as easy as possible to get to Search from just about anywhere. In this latest Google app beta APK, strings of code make reference to “search gestures” which could point to the possibility of being able to quickly access Search through a shortcut by performing a gesture on the home screen. If you’re using the Google app beta and haven’t gotten the latest update, you can pick up the APK from the button down below.

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