Google Calendar Update Connects To Google Fit And Apple Health

Google Calendar Update Connects To Google Fit And Apple Health


Google launched a new Google Calendar feature last year that lets you to easily schedule and track certain goals you set for your health. Right in time for people to forget their New Year’s resolutions, Google today announced an update to Goals and Google Calendar that allows you to connect Google Fit and Apple Health to the fitness goals you set in Goals.

Google is here to help people who use the Goals feature in Google Calendar. Google on Thursday said you could now connect Google Fit and Apple Health to your fitness goals in Calendar.

Once you hit your goal, your Google Calendar items will automatically be marked as “done.” When you look at your fitness goals in Google Calendar, Google will also show you how well you have done so far.

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Google introduced the Goals feature last year, promising to help you find time in your busy schedule to achieve goals like working out, spending time with family or developing a skill. The feature uses machine learning — the same kind of algorithms it uses to deliver search results, helps translate languages and identify objects in photos — to find the best time window for your goal and pencils it into your calendar.

Google is also building some of its machine learning smarts into this service. If it notices that your goal was to go running every morning at 5am but then notices that you never start running until 7am so, it will automatically reschedule the activity for you.

In addition, there is a shiny “new visual performance tracker” also to help you see how you are doing. Because who doesn’t like to watch their resolutions soar, or in most cases, crash and burn.

Chances are, Google will integrate more services with Goals over time, but fitness tracking makes for an obvious service to start with, especially given the ubiquity of fitness trackers and the fact that it does not even take any special hardware to get started with services like Google Fit.

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