Snapchat Acquiring Cimagine Could Be A Massive Jump Into AR!

Snapchat Acquiring Cimagine Could Be A Massive Jump Into AR!


Snapchat is the popular mobile application that lets users to send videos and photos, which will disappear after few seconds of the person viewing them. It is fun messaging app where you can capture videos and pictures and add caption, filter and send to your friend and/or post it on story. The story will stay 24 hours from the time you posted.

Snapchat will be adding some improved reality features to its app in the near future. The company has apparently, and gently, developed an AR startup in Israel called Cimagine, and the price was supposed between $30 million to $40 million.

The reports show that Cimagine, launched in 2012, created technology that allows companies to show how their products look in the real world with effective devices. Coca-Cola was among its many clients before the achievement by Snap Inc, the recently renamed parent company of Snapchat.-

Snapchat has already become a popular among many users for its animated stickers that can be layer over on a person’s videos or pictures. It also recently began selling Snapchat Spectacles, in special flash sales in many US cities. While these are more of a marketing trick than a real push to sell hardware, it could offer a hint into the future of Snapchat. It is possible that people could wear future versions of those glasses to see AR visuals selling products and services in the real world.

Image source : img2016