Twitter Will Show Relevance Tweets First And Soon Lets You Edit Your...

Twitter Will Show Relevance Tweets First And Soon Lets You Edit Your Tweet!


Twitter application where many people go to get their daily news. The social networking platform is based on real-time events, communication, and Twitter’s job to bring the most relevant information to you first. Therefore, Twitter brings the latest update that it will now display tweets that are more relevant in search result first.

Earlier, searching for something on Twitter would result in a list of reverse-consecutive order tweets, but unfortunately, that does not always provide the most relevant information. Now when you search something on Twitter, you will get a list of relevance-ordered tweets first, allowing you to stay informed about latest news more easily.

The update was done in September, but it has been announced publicly now. Still, for people who feel that the older order of most recent posts was more relevant to their needs, Twitter has made the change flexible, by giving a filter which will allow them set the tweets to the ‘latest tweets’ format.

Twitter search is divided into several categories, including “most popular” and “latest”. Now, there is a new “relevant” view for modifying search results to the users’ needs.

Another news about the Twitter is that according to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the company is soon going to allow the users to edit their tweets. Dorsey said that Twitter is “thinking a lot about” bringing editing functionality to tweets, and then went on to say that “a form of edit” was needed.

The trick to rolling out an edit function, according to Dorsey, is in implementation. Posing the question of whether to “edit mistakes quickly, or edit anytime,” Dorsey briefly explained an edit-anytime function would require a change log, as Twitter is often “the public record.”

The idea of editable tweets is still in the spit balling phase, but Dorsey’s public replies on the subject point to a strong possibility we may be able to change that “they’re” to “their” in our future tweets without needing to delete them first.

Allowing users to edit tweets they sent hours or days after the fact would lead to a more complicated solution, Dorsey argued, including the need for a change log to give users the ability to review different versions of the same tweet.

Twitter has brought this small update, but something that will definitely come in in easy reach for many users.

Image Source : 233liveworld